Benefits To Landowners

A solar farm can bring economic stability for you and your family by creating an annuity cash flow for a long term land lease that carries with it the peace of mind from also knowing that you are simultaneously contributing to the environment and the energy independence of the United States.

"Solar Prime has been an excellent team to work with regarding the 3,000-acre solar project for our ranch.  They have been honest, reliable, and regularly kept us informed as the solar project progressed.  We are very excited to see the solar farm under construction on our ranch and we recommend them to any landowner."

Dee Johns, McCamey, TX

Social Advantages

Utility scale solar farms are quiet, visually unobstrusive, and environmentally friendly. They create both construction jobs and permenant operations jobs to support the local economy.

Predevelopment Stage

A 3 to 5 year phase where we are evalutating the viability of a solar project, the land can continue to be used for its existing agricultural purpose and we pay a $/acre pre-development fee that gives us the right to enter into a long term lease once the solar diligence is completed.

Construction & Ops Phase

Once construction starts on the solar farm, its prior agricultural use ceases and the land use will be dedicated to the solar farm for a 25 to 35 year period, and annual lease payments will be paid to the land owner.  After the end of the lease, the land will be returned to its original condition.